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Jacqueline at 57, has received life changing cancer treatment through the Lung Health Checks programmes.  


Jacqueline from Luton is a mum of two grown up children and has a grandchild, she wants to tell her story to encourage people who may have received an invitation for a lung health check, to take it up and don’t delay.

Jacqueline has a number of health conditions, including disc problems, COPD and fibromyalgia. She explained:

“I initially thought a phone conversation was a waste of time, and I’d had my COPD check previously. I think because I already had COPD and Fibromyalgia, I had always felt lethargic, but then my breathing was worse and I was more tired – I just thought it was my existing illness – plus the hot weather, so ignored it for a bit. Then I got a call from the lung team and I agreed to make an appointment.

“After a few questions about my lung health they decided I needed a CT scan. A few days after that I had a call to go to the respiratory clinic to say I had a carcinoma on my upper right lung.

“I had a full body CT – and needed a biopsy.  I was told I had cancer,  Adenocarcinoma – I went to see the consultant, who was from the Harefield Hospital, which specialises in lungs. We discussed my treatment options, including radiotherapy. I decided to on my treatment plan to have the top part of my upper right lung removed and my lymph nodes in my right armpit. 

“Everyone was so lovely and things moved very quickly. I didn’t really have time to think about what was next. They booked me in at the Harefield hospital in October 2021. 

“After 3 weeks in hospital I recovered really well – I have to have a chest x-ray every 3 months and  the I’m going for a lung health CT scan with contrast dye soon and I will be monitored for the next 5 years.

“I am so lucky they called. Had they not chased me, I might not have bothered and I might not be sitting here talking right now.

“I would urge anyone who gets an invitation don’t ignore it – go along it’s a few hours of your life and could save it. The same for any screening programme. It’s free and everyone is very nice, so don’t be scared.”

Jaqueline is now on a regular monitoring schedule but feels like the future is bright now.

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