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Patient Participation Week 31 May – 6 June aims to raise the profile of patient groups who work with the NHS to help steer NHS treatment using the experiences and evaluations of NHS patients.  This week we are sharing how we are taking participation a step further in BLMK to coproduce services.

In BLMK we have a commitment to developing our health and social care services together with the people who use and deliver them. You can read more about this in our Working with People and Communities Strategy 

Working together in BLMK

Getting involved with developing health and social care means our services will be the best fit for our community. There are lots of ways to get involved, these are just some of the projects currently happening in BLMK

Primary Care

Each GP surgery has their own Patient Participation where you can get involved in developing your local services.  Find your local GP details here


Cancer Participation Group

The Cancer Patient Forum has been working together to develop information for residents diagnosed with cancer and their families.  They developed this leaflet about where to get support after your diagnosis, a video about where to get help and what it is like to get involved. 

If you would like more information about how to get involved contact Kathy Nelson – [email protected]


BLMK Maternity Voices Partnerships

Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership bring together residents, midwifery staff and commissioners to explore the maternity services in BLMK and find better ways of working together that improve the care and outcomes for birthing parents.

We have 3 MNVPs in BLMK.  Who all work together to develop the best care in our maternity services.  They have been working for many years but have helped develop:

The perinatal mental health service OCEAN in Bedfordshire

Better word environments at night with the MKUH Night Mode initiative and supported choice and decision making around maternity care for families.


If developing maternity care in your areas is something you are interested in click on your area to get in touch. Bedford, Luton, MK

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