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We work together to help build the economy and support sustainable growth.

This priority aims to maximise the opportunities for economic growth through all partners working together.

Our aims

This includes:

  • Developing the NHS providers as Anchor Institutions to support growth
  • Developing and delivering the ICS’s approach to sustainability, including delivery of the net zero NHS commitments
  • Developing the ICS’s approach to research and development, including encouraging and incentivising investment in research in BLMK
  • Developing skills in the local population and support employment pathways for local people
  • Taking a more sustainable approach to procurement, taking into account social and environmental factors
  • Identifying opportunities to work together across health and housing services to help support people to live healthily in their own homes
  • Maximising the potential growth opportunities for BLMK through the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

This work takes account of the wider determinants of health in affecting people’s health outcomes. Economic disadvantage is strongly associated with smoking, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Poor housing is associated with many preventable diseases, with the cost to the NHS estimated at £1.4 billion per year.

This priority is aiming to achieve increased employment levels and higher quality employment for local people and enable the NHS to meet its net zero carbon footprint commitments.