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This priority is about providing the highest quality clinical services when people need them. Over the next fives years, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) will be running a programme to develop and implement a leadership model that supports our health professionals at place, neighbourhood and organisation to deliver better outcomes for our patients.

A local framework and plan are being developed with Integrated Care System (ICS) partners, and we are promoting this across the system via a series of stakeholder’s events, clinical and care professional engagement conversations, and patient and local community engagement.

Our aims

The aim of this strategy will be to:

  • integrate clinical and care professionals in decision making at every level of the BLMK ICS
  • create a culture of shared learning, collaboration and innovation, working alongside patients and local communities
  • ensure clinical and care professional leaders have appropriate resources to carry out their system role(s)
  • provide dedicated leadership development for all clinical and care professional leaders
  • identify, recruit and create a pipeline of clinical and care professional leaders

Each organisation within BLMK ICS has its own Clinical Services Strategy. We are also developing a local framework for future service model development, to inform what services will be delivered where. The framework will drive service reviews across the health and care system, supporting professionals across the system to work side by side.


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